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FINANCES. What We Believe

Ministry, Business and Your Social Life

Colette Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International


Ministry, Business and Social Life

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I was never the "friend me on Facebook" kind of person. Nope – I was the "ALL OR NOTHING FOR MINISTRY" kind of person. That equation looked a little something like this:

Anointing = 100%
Knowledge of the Word = 90%
Ability to Preach = 80%

Personality...  0%
Social life... -100%

Now before you feel sorry for me, realize this – I LIKED it this way. I was happy to throw myself into the work of God and excuse my pitiful social life as a "price for the call." Well I may have been happy in my little spiritual bubble, but the Lord was standing ready as ever with a big pin, waiting to pop me out of my complacency.

You see it does not matter how anointed you are or how much of the Word you know, if people do not like you, you will not reach them with all that good stuff! I started to learn that if I wanted to really mature in my life that it would take other people to get me there.

The harsh reality? I could not do this alone! To become the spiritual parent that God had called me to be, meant learning how to develop relationships. As if the Lord was not already stretching me, He started to push me beyond the point of no return.

If ever I sucked at doing the "social" thing, I was even worse when it came to business. The whole "money thing" was just a necessary evil to keep doing what I loved more than anything... the work of the ministry.

So the Lord had to bring me straight. He taught me that you need balance in each area of our lives. He made us in spirit, soul and body for a reason and we are meant to succeed in all three parts! That means succeeding in ministry, business and in our social lives. Is there any other way that we will become a city set on a hill?

Perhaps you have been feeling pressure in your life right now in one of these areas. If you always depended on doing business, perhaps God is pushing you more towards ministry. If you are like me and are all ministry-minded, have you been feeling the pressure to become more friendly or get into business?

If that sounds like you, then I want you to know... YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Right now God is moving in His Church in a mighty way. He is bringing His Church to maturity and He is doing that by causing us to walk all three of these roads at the same time.

So sorry... there is no way to escape for you. Although you might have a greater ability on one road more than the others, you still have to make sure that you walk ALL THREE effectively.

So this leaves us with just one question - What road are you on right now?

Take a look at the list below and check off the one that applies to you. You will also see then which ones you are weak at and what needs work!

1. Ministry Minded

a.You are sold out for the Lord
b. You live and breathe the work of the ministry
c. Unfortunately your relationships suffer sometimes so that you can serve God. Your marriage is usually the first to come under strain
d. Each person you meet you want to feel that you have ministered to them by the time you are done
e. Every circumstance is a ministry opportunity for you
f. You cannot imagine going through the day without praying for someone or ministering.
g. Life is not life without bringing the Lord Jesus into every minute of it!

2. Business Builder

a. You are always coming up with ideas on how to make money
b. The Lord gives you wisdom when it comes to natural matters
c. You have no fear or guilt when it comes to making or spending money
d. You have a passion to see every believer successful in the world 
e. In your opinion, believers should be an example to unbelievers when it comes to every area of their lives
f. You always seem to end up being the one who handles the finances.
g. Unfortunately, you have often sacrificed your relationships for work

3. Social Butterfly

a. You are the first person people come to with their problems
b. You have a good number of friends and contacts (believers and unbelievers alike)
c. People feel that they can trust you
d. People naturally look up to you for leadership
e. Your marriage and family life is an example to others
f. You desire to give people a place to "belong" in the church
g. You want to see every believer flourishing in all their relationships!

What does your "equation" look like? Do you feel that you have a good balance between all three roads? Also, where do you feel God is putting pressure on you right now? Rest assured that what God has started, He will surely finish. I understand what this journey feels like and that is why I preached some messages that will help you out.


Building a New You - Ministry, Business and Social Life

God wants YOU to be the image of SUCCESS - in ministry, in relationships, and in business. His plan is to MAKE you look like His glory!

You have a calling, not only to be a minister, but to be a beacon of light in all areas of your life. If you're going to be on the front lines and shine for Him, you can believe, He is going to make you SHINE. When the world and the church looks at you, they should see an abundant life, infused with favor and blessing... read more

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