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FINANCES. What We Believe

Paying the Price for the Call

Ronald Jordan
Apostle and Team Leader AMI South Africa
Apostolic Movement International


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I love how simple and how practical the Lord Jesus is. The more I read His Word, the more it comes alive! I just wanted to share with you today one little revelation the Lord showed me through His Word.

It says in Mathew 11:29-30:

Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

As ministers, all of us know that walking out our calling doesn't come for free. Salvation was free, but boy do we have to walk out our calling.

If you have done any of the courses on the preparation and training of the prophet or the apostle, you know exactly what kind of price God calls on for those who would lead His Church.

But sometimes, this notion of paying the price for the call gets warped. Yes, Jesus does call us to die to our self, and to at times be humbled, but one trend I have seen in the Church is to lump every bad thing that has happened in your life and call it the price for the call.

Every sickness, every financial need, every horrible thing you had to suffer throughout your life, suddenly becomes labeled as a sign of your calling. Don't misunderstand me, God can use those things, but He didn't need those things to raise you up.

Perhaps, like me, you come from the other side, where you had a pretty decent life. Yet when you look at your life, you feel like you don't match up to what you think you should be. You feel like you have to become more, and learn this and learn that. There is a place for becoming more, but I'm talking about the kind of learning that drives you.

Well, no matter which side of the tracks you are coming from I have one very simple question for you:

Did Jesus ask you to pay that price or was it just your own decision?

You see, when the Lord asks you to give up something or to take on a load, it is clear. You feel the conviction from the Holy Spirit and you know that what He is asking you to do is uncomfortable, but it comes with a peace, it comes with a rest.

However, when you take on a burden that wasn't yours to carry, it comes with stress, with heaviness, with frustration and it becomes a heavy stone that you have to carry.

So I want to give you some good news today. You only have to carry the load the Lord has asked you to carry!

I know when I saw this for myself, I realized how many times I had done things or viewed things as the will of the Lord, simply because I wanted to be accepted or simply because I felt guilty for not doing more for the Lord. So what ended up happening was that I pushed forward in the things I felt I had to do and neglected what God had truly called me to do.

So put aside then every weight that didn't come from the Lord today. Lay aside every negative thing that didn't come from the Lord. There is indeed a weight to carry. Ours isn't a "yoke free" life, but our Master is kind and gentle and He gives us the strength to do what He has asked us.

Just take some time today to search your heart, and ask Him:

Lord, am I carrying loads you didn't ask me to or have I failed to pick up the ones you asked me to?

We are a Body, we are the family of God. You don't have to do it all by yourself. If you will just fulfill the function God told you to, and let him take care of everything else, then we will see the End Times Church arise like never before!


The Minister's Handbook

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