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FINANCES. What We Believe

Why Doesn't God's Word Come to Pass?

Colette Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International


Hope - The Power of Focus

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How many times have you been sure that the Lord has given you a promise? Perhaps it was a prophetic word spoken over you, or perhaps the Lord led you to a passage in the Word to encourage you. You got excited! WOW! The Lord is going to supply my need just like I asked Him! He is going to grant me my request for a spouse or a baby or whatever your need is.

So for a day or two you are on cloud nine. You cannot wait. But the more you hope to see this miracle come to pass the more discouraged you get. In fact you get downright depressed. It comes to the place where you have to drag yourself to get through the day. You become frustrated and down. Every morning you drag yourself out of bed, wondering...”When will the Lord supply like He promised me?”

You Begin to Doubt...

As this continues you begin to doubt. You start saying to yourself, “I wonder if I really heard right? I wonder if that prophet was in deception?” If you do not doubt, you begin to get angry at the Lord. You know He is able of providing. You know that He could heal you and set you free any time He likes, so why are you still bound? Is He doing this to teach you a lesson? Is He trying to make a point?

It is around this time you go searching for answers, or try to grab on to any other form of hope you can find. If you are at this place in your spiritual walk right now, I would like to throw you that rope of hope you are seeking.

The Scriptures say that every word of God does not return void, but accomplishes that for which it was sent! So how many times have you released the Word of God?

Breaking Down What God has Said

How many times, just today did you doubt the word of the Lord? How many times did you send out words that broke down everything the Lord had been preparing for you? Just imagine for a moment that the angels had almost put everything together. The path was laid out. The circumstances prepared and just as they were about to put on the finishing touch... BAM a word of doom echoed through the realm of the spirit and there was unleashed on their work a cloud of darkness that kills, steals and destroys what the Lord had almost completed!

This could be the very story of your life right now. You are as a soldier armed and able to bring to pass anything by using the name of the Lord and his Word as a sword. There is nothing that can stand before you. You are armed, you are protected by his armor and as you stand upon a hill, the lands before you are for the taking!

Nothing can stop you because you have the greatest army known to man on your side. Who would stand against a warrior like that? Who could? Just one look at you covered in the blood and light of Jesus Christ and every demon in hell, along with Lucifer are sent running!

The enemy knows that he cannot get you out in the open like that. While you are surrounded by the hosts of the Lord and armed with His Word and His faith, hope and love – you are invincible! So he does like any other defeated foe would do, he begins a war on a plain that is under his own control. He begins by attacking your soul!

The First Thing Satan Attacks

Within your soul are the mind, emotions and will. The first thing satan will begin to attack will be your mind. He will send darts of evil thoughts. Spears of dirty thoughts. Daggers of thoughts that bring fear. As your mind is disabled, your emotions are the next target. Following that, your will gives in because he knows how hard it is to fight your feelings.

So what do we have now? We have a warrior, who begins to tear at his own armor! He begins to feel condemned because he is having these thoughts and slowly he takes off the breastplate of righteousness. Then because he thinks thoughts that are sinful, he feels even more like a sinner and takes of the belt truth. As these weapons bombard every part of his emotions, the fear eats away at the shield of faith and it begins to disintegrate right in front of him.

He throws off his helmet of salvation in anger towards the Lord for allowing this to happen and as He drops His sword, which is the Word of God, he takes up in its place a heavy burden of fear, condemnation and bitterness. He is so overloaded with the negative that he could not even carry his sword. This is just what the enemy was looking for! He strikes! The first strike is to the heart and without the breastplate the soldier drops to the dirt. The armies of God stand waiting. Waiting for the word to come. But the word does not come because the warrior cries his defeat and not his victory!

It is Time to Stand Up!

So what will it take for this warrior to stand up again? What will it take for him to put back his armor and pick up his sword? Must he wrestle? Must he try to come against his enemy in hand to hand combat? Must he try now to scramble for his weapons which are lost?

Yet there is one who is able to intervene on our behalf. He is both man and God. He fought the enemy a long time ago and if only the warrior would call unto him in his day of trouble the Lord would deliver him! All he needs to do is shout out to Jesus! Within the blink of an eye the Lord would stand between the enemy and the warrior encamped around him. Within a blink of an eye, the Lord would life up his weary arms and give him strength.

He would breath the breath of life into him again. Now all our warrior has to do is throw off that bundle of negative thoughts and of fear and pick up his sword!

For that sword is two-edged and sharper than any sword known to man! It pierces even to the soul and the spirit and is the divider of the soul and spirit, discerning the heart of man. With one thrust of that sword, the enemy would buckle!

Refuse Defeat!

Perhaps you are like the warrior who feels the burden. Who feels oppressed by the enemy. Your answer is in your lips! Put the name of Jesus on your tongue and refuse to utter words of defeat! Then as you put aside the negative, pick up the word of God which is your double edged sword! As you begin speaking the Word, see the Word in your mind. See the victory, see the promise that awaits you! As you do this your emotions will come into line and your will can be activated once again.

Then with all the emotion you have in you, with all the vision of promise you have in you and with all the will you have in you, come against the enemy and you will divide him in two! For his darkness cannot stand against the power and the light of the Lord. You will quickly rise up once again as that mighty warrior upon a hill and as you speak forth continually the Word of the Lord, the angels under his command will be released to go out and to conquer the enemy on the land. They will go to every hill and valley and will rout the enemy out of your life. They will pull him out of your marriage. They will untangle his claws from your children. They will go ahead and undo all the damage that has been done.

Stand in the Full Armor

It begins with the Word. It ends with the Word. It begins with you standing in the full armor of God. Do not give up that armor for anything! Do not allow the enemy to trick you into thinking that you have failed God. Do not allow him to trick you into thinking that you are such a sinful creature that Jesus will not hear you. For satan is a liar and as you bring those lies to the light it will set you free and send him running! Are you ready to join me now as that mighty warrior and to send the enemy running? Look up and see the day of your salvation, for the Lord Jesus rides the heavens to help you!

Jesus I call on you right now to lift your people from the mire. The enemy has cast them down. He has lied to them and He has caused them to doubt. Heavenly father come to their aid swiftly! I cut away the bondage that has bound them right now and I turn to the enemy and I say, satan you are a liar! Your number is up! I come against every evil thought you have plnated!

I come against your lies and your deception! I come against your fear and your condemnation and I tell you right now to let God's people go! Now warrior of God rise to your feet! Be clothed in white and have a crown on your head. Pick up your sword and be protected by your shiled of faith! Sine amongst the nations and may the light that comes from Christ in you depell the darkness. For you ARE that mighty warrior! You ARE that light to the nations and you are the Lord's answer to this world that is bound and hurting.

Now pick up your sword and run! There is a great work to be done and your master is calling on you to do it.

Thank you Lord Jesus for your anointing and your grace that keeps picking us up. We love and adore you. May you be with each one always and may you reveal yourself to them in a very special way. Amen.


Hope - The Power of Focus

Have you been standing in faith, but still are not seeing God's promises come to pass in your life? Well, I've got an announcement for you, "You don't have to throw in the towel. Get up already, grab your sword, and kick satan's butt!"

Stand boldly against the enemy, knowing that you WILL squash him into the ground... read more

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